Be Allright...When You Light

Here are a few helpful Do’s & Dont’s for handling our cylinders:


  • Check cylinder and appliance seals
  • Check the valve area for dirt,
  • Always keep the cylinder upright while attaching the regulator,
  • Ensure that you keep the cylinder away from naked flames,
  • Bring your empty cylinder back to us so we can discard or scrap as we see fit,
  • Refill with us once you are ready,
  • Let appliance cool after use,
  • Check for leaks by:
    • applying soap water to connections and look for bubbles,
    • listen for hiss of escaping gas


  • Use tools to tighten the valve,
  • Use cylinders with a damaged valve or seal,
  • Use if there has been evidence of a leak,
  • Stand a cylinder on a stove or expose to heat,
  • Leave on when sleeping,
  • Puncture or attempt to cut cylinder into pieces,
  • Refill a cylinder from another cylinder that has been inverted


In the event of a Fire, be sure to:

  • Leave area in a calm and quick manner,
  • Let the cylinder burn out,
  • Call for emergency help